Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aug 3rd, Day 4 Bahamas

We got up and laid around for awhile, b/c vacation is for relaxing right? We went back to Plato's Café for a quick breakfast at 9:30 and then went to the Mayan Temple Pools. There were some great little slides there for the kids, Charley thought she was such a big girl going with Brady to slide down them.
The boys went down Serpent Slide again aka Shark Slide so I could try and catch them coming through the tube in the shark tank since I missed them riding it yesterday and I scored, I got some great snots!
We went back to the Royal pools, which I guess you've figured out was the kids favorite pool, just deep enough by the stairs Charley could barely stand up and great to play tag with daddy.

The boys went to do lazy river again, while Charley & I stayed and played in royal pools. There was a little girl there who's mama was better prepared than me and had bought her beach toys. She was sitting on the steps playing with them and Charley tried to snatch them several times, until I emptied out 2 cups we had some drinks in and Charley was good to go. I swear she was entertained by these cups for at least 2 hours if not more. Then Brady got back the little girl decided she wanted to share I think she was smitten for him and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual. Her name was Maryana and she was from Jersey. She too happened to be 6 and going into the first grade. The kids played with her and her toys on the steps of the pool for a good hour.
Brady and Ryan decided they wanted to snorkel but just in the Lagoon beach again, so Charley and I went to play in the sand, still cups in hand. I attempted to snorkel when the boys were done, it lasted about 5min, I kept getting cramps in my feet, not sure if it was from being pregnant or just that Ryan's snorkel fins were 5 sizes too big or both, but I couldn't do it.

The boys slid down the Jungle slide back at the Mayan Temple pools and then we went back to royal pools. It was about 5:00, so I decided to go to the room and get cleaned up and get a minute of me time while Ryan and the kids swam a little while longer. They came up about 30 minutes or so after me to rest and get cleaned up. Charley fell asleep for about 15-20min which surprisingly gave just enough energy to finish the night.
6:45 We decided to go back to Marina village to eat at Johnny Rockets. As much as I wanted to go into town, I wasn't really big on going by myself and Ryan didn't want to go, so after dinner I luckily found a gift some on the Mariana where I found the kids and I some Bahamas shirts.  
The kids got a free tattoo from a Bahamian Lady dressed in her Junkanoo costume. Btw I hate kid tattoos! I'm know for sure it's Charley's first and pretty positive Brady's too. I know, I know, I have two tattoos, but I hate how they last forever and it looks like your kid hasn't bathed in weeks when really you've been scrubbing it for weeks and it just hasn't come off. The lady told us they were having a Junkanoo parade at 9:30, an early celebration for the Holiday the next day to celebrate 40yrs of Independence. So we thought we'd go hang out in the room until then, but Brady had a little accident.
I had stopped to take some pictures while the kids and Ryan went into the Lobby. We'd been racing each other, who could get to the room the fastest using the elevator or stairs. Usually Charley and I would take elevator and the boys would take stairs but since I wasn't there Brady took the stairs and Ryan and Charley took elevator. Well, I guess once Brady got into the stairwell he realized all the doors looked the same and the levels weren't labeled on the doors so, he decided, panicking I'm sure, to go back to the lobby and take the elevator, which I thought was very smart of him and told him later when I caught up with them and found out what happened how proud I was of him for using his problem solving skills. Anyway, Ryan and Charley get to the room first and realized Brady was not there, Brady actual had the key. So now Ryan is panicking, he takes Charley to the stairwell running up and down yelling Brady. Meanwhile, I'm still at outside taking pictures oblivious to it all. Brady made it to the elevator pushed our floor button and let himself into the room. Ryan decides to try the room once again. Ryan knocks, Brady goes to the door to slightly open it to see who it is and Ryan basically knocks the door down excited and relieved to find Brady. Unfortunately, Brady's toe was under the door...OUCH! Brady is crying hysterical, Ryan is trying to calm him down telling him its ok (we had gotten a ugly note under the door earlier telling us to basically keep our kids quiet, I know right, I was shocked too). Ryan was loosing his patience b/c at this point he didn't realize Brady's foot was hurt, I finally enters, I try to calm both of them down and tell Ryan to look at B's toe. Brady had bent back 1/2 his toenail and the door at cut him pretty good. Ryan just thought he was feeling bad for almost losing our kid now he had accidently hurt him. We finally got Brady to calm down and Ryan came to the rescue with some first aid stuff from the desk downstairs and children's Tylenol (another 2 things I meant to pack and forgot). Brady is a little dramatic but I do know it hurt it took him awhile just to get comfortable to go to sleep. Ryan was feeling sick, Brady wasn't helping by being so dramatic, but once he was asleep I told him to go take a breather and go back to the casino, lol. He didn't come back until 4am, lol, but he did win $2500. 
So needless to say we didn't make it to the Junkanoo Parade, but luckily Brady survived almost being lost and his toe incident.
Since I missed them going down the Serpent Slide yesterday I wanted to get a picture of him in front of the shark tank, didn't realize they would go down it again.
Smaller slides at the Mayan Temple Pools

The slide was just up these stairs so we let Brady take Charley
Just a pic of the Mayan Pools
Getting their tube for the Serpent Slide
Do you see Brady's head, peeking out over the rock wall on the left
That's Brady
There's Brady waving at us
Brady and Ryan
Ryan sees us

Just some sharks hanging out

Charley and her cups playing at the Lagoon Beach

Look at how close these little fish were

Charley wanted to go snorkeling
Scuba Brady
The boys snorkeling, I have some pictures from the underwater camera they took, but do you know it takes at least a week to get them develop, so spoiled by digital cameras. Will post when I get them.

Cartoon Network had an area set up, but it was booked up, so this is all we saw of it

This was the other beach we never made it too, I just walked over to take a pic
The Lagoon Beach, this was a perfect spot for the kids, ocean water without the waves
Another view of Lagoon beach, that's teeny tiny Ryan in the blue shirt on the left by the rock
We waited forever for them to come down this slide, and of course I missed him

Getting her smiley face tattoo

Brady got a lobster tattoo

 They had some other Junkanoo people out letting the kids play their instruments and try on some of the costumes.


  1. That shark slide is awesome! I love seeing your vacation pics! And no other pregnant girl can rock a bikini like you!

    1. Thank you! You're sweet, notice I had a towel on the bottom, no way I'd show all of me,lol!