Monday, August 5, 2013

July 28th My Poor Beautiful Floors

Back on June 15th Ryan and I woke up to a flooded bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and hallway. What we thought was a simple bathroom leak turned into a BIG mess! It went through the walls and ruined the carpet in our downstairs closest and more importantly my beautiful wood floors. After about a week, the wood started buckling in several places and it became apparent we had to get it fixed asap before someone broke their neck. It was so bad in several places Ryan had to pull up the wood and we placed a rug over it. Unfortunately, more than half our house- entry way, hallway to our bedroom, second living area, dinning room, and hallway leading to the kitchen is the wood floor so it all had to be replaced.
After weeks of dealing with our insurance company and different contractors/bids the work finally got started today. The timing actual worked out great, we leave Wednesday for vacation and don't get back until Sunday, so they can work without us being in their hair or us listening to power tools, hammers, and smelling fumes.
I know its silly to be in love with such things as wood floors but I am. It was one of the first things I noticed when we looked at this house. I'd not seen anything like it. The way the wood was hand scraped and placed with two different types of wood and the color was just beautiful, so I'm sad to see it go and very afraid it will not be as beautiful as before. But its just a wood floor so I'll get over sooner than later :).
 Notice the buckling on the left by the wall
 One of the spots Ryan had to pull up wood
 The evil bathroom where it all started, we're getting tile put it so just wanted a before pic
 Another spot far left and then front spot that we've lived with walking over or around
 Here it goes

 I was so glad Charley didn't try to go to use the toilet in the dining room

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