Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug. 2nd Day 3 Bahamas/17wks

We had to wake up early for our 8:45 reservation with the dolphins, I couldn't have been more excited! Swimming with dolphins has been on my must do list for a long time, although we were just doing shallow water and not actually swimming with them I was beyond thrilled, just to touch them and be near them!
It seriously was one of the neatest things I've ever done. Our dolphin's name was Atlas and the neat thing about Atlas was he is blind. We didn't even know until the very end of our time with him. All the hand signals were done under the water and he was able to sense the signs, they said he could even sense if a human was pregnant, the kids thought that was super cool! 
Brady was a little hesitant touching him at first but came around quickly! Sweet Charley just would grabbed into his fin and grabbed his mouth to kiss him! We got to rub his belly and back, kiss & tickle him. He showed us how fast he was and swam by and let us give him high five him! I'm so thankful we were able to do this with the kids, I love making wonderful memories! 
After hanging with Atlas we grabbed a late breakfast at Platos cafe around 10:30.
After breakfast we headed to Cove beach to swim an play, we probably only stayed at the beach for a hour and 1/2, I didn't plan this part well, I had forgotten to pack beach toys so the kids, ( really just Charley) got restless.
Charley and I headed back to the room around 1:30 to take a nap ( since remember I didn't sleep at all last night, since Charley got sick). While we were napping the boys went on a jet ski and went down the Serpent Slide aka shark slide 2x.
After our nap we met the boys at Royal pools and swam for awhile before going back to the room and getting cleaned up for dinner.
For dinner we took a shuttle to the other side of the hotel and ate The Point. It was right on the water and we went at a perfect time, we got to see the sunset and the weather was perfect!
The kids got a punch card when we checked it that gave them lots of free stuff and that included a free animal at the Atlantis Pals, which was their verison of build a bear. So after dinner we went to Atlantis Pals, Brady got a Lion named and named him Bruce & Charley got a pink Poodle and named her Emily. 
We went back to room after watched a little tv lights off at 1030, Ryan went to casino again to win some money!

It was so hard to squish myself into the wet suit, I ripped it off as soon as we were done

I mean how cool, right?
Can you tell he was a little hestitant?
I was trying to encourage him

There's his real smile

Charley's turn
Notice how she's grabbing his entire mouth

I love Atlas' smile here!
At the beach

Just a couple of views of the Cove beach

My lil diva resting
My surfer dude

Playing in the sand
I was going to take my weekly prego update pic before we left so it could be in front of the chalkboard but after talking to some friends, they convinced me it would be fun to do a real world comparison where we actual were and when I saw a conch shell I knew that had to be it. (Thanks Kari and Shay)

Charley wasn't in the mood for a picture with me
Having fun with daddy at the Royal pools after her nap
That's the kids and Ryan on the left playing tag

The Point, where we had dinner
The view of marina by the restaurant

Our table
I had to plan one cooderating night to take a family pic, I LOVE THESE KIDS!

Brady took this picture, pretty good espeically if you've ever held by camera, its so heavy
On our way to Atlantis Pals, some Cartoon Network characters were outside casino to take pics, Brady and Ben 10
Making their animals

Dressing them

Charley, Emily, Brady, and Bruce
On our way back he stopped and took another picture with a Ben 10 character

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