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Boozers Take Breck Day 4 & 5

Jan. 23rd
Our last day on the Slopes...
For some reason other than the extremely uncomfortable bed and a coughing kid, Ryan and I could not sleep and our internal clocks would go off every morning at 6am. Ryan took advantage of the early wake up by getting some work done and I got to spend some quality time with Jesus every morning. This particular morning I felt the crazy urge to freeze my hiney off and seat outside, there is just something about doing my quiet time outside that just makes me feel closer to Him, especially when I'm in the mountains or at the beach. It was totally worth every freezing minute too! 
We hit the slopes about 9:00am and decided, at least the kids and I, about lunch we were done. Skiing is super fun but it takes every ounce of your energy, so we were pooped and we for sure didn't want to push the kids, we wanted to end on a happy note! Ryan and Trae hit the top of the mountains for what they consider the fun stuff, while Shannon and Sammy conquered more greens!

A couple of tips for parents of beginners...

1. Put them in Ski School- It is too much stress on parents and kids for parents to try and teach their own kids. Most kids, I know ours do anyway, listen better to others when it comes to learning new things. No fits or less fits and more productive. Sometimes it may take 2 days of school. 2. Put them in Ski School Again (Possibly)-Charley and Brady's first year to ski was last year and they both took a private lesson with two friends, so 4 kids to one instructor, which I highly recommend, expensive but well worth it. Brady who was 7 at the time came out of the lessons knowing enough that he was good to ski with us. Charley, 4 at the time, not so much. However, I was stubborn and wouldn't listen to Ryan and refused to let her go another day, I felt guilty for being on a family vaca and not being with her for two days. Looking back on it now I realize I could have saved ourselves fighting with each other and extra stress fighting with her trying to teach her. She possibly could have been good to go this year without school had we down an extra day last year. 
3. Stay in a Ski In Ski Out-Yes, it will be a little more expensive but if you can swing it, its so worth it. The slopes we're literally off our porch. Walking in ski boots for anyone is hard, but especially kids then add the their skies and your skies and poles and its almost impossible to carry all of that for a short distance not to mention a long distance. It makes for getting to and from slopes easier and if its as flat as our area was its a great little practice spot for beginners too. It also makes for an easy drop off if you have some that want to make it day or stop for lunch and others that want to continue to ski, they could ski by, drop you off and continue on their way.
4. Buy them gear that is bright, distinctively different color, or a pattern- There is nothing more frightening than seeing you child skiing down a mountain out of control or what seems like out of control and you can't keep up with them. I have mastered the grandma skier technique, so I am always the last one down the mountain but even Ryan who is an amazing skier could not be with both kids at once. One thing that made me not panic as much is being able to see them from far away in a crowd of people, b/c their coats were so recognizable. Charley was in a leopard print coat and Brady's was blue and black checkered, not as distinctive but it did the trick. It made this mama not panic as much knowing I could at least pick them out of a crowd. 
5. Don't buy the expensive gear-Last year being our first year to ski I wasn't sure where to get clothes for the kids. We have a Sun and Ski shop close but I didn't want to pay that much money for gear that would last them 1 year perhaps. When they get older and become true skiers then we will perhaps buy more expensive better quality stuff. 
 First, ask around, see if your family, friends have stuff you can borrow. If that's an dead end or not an option go the cheap route. I found the kids coats, bibs, and snow boots online at Walmart and it held up for two years, well, Charley's at least, Brady grew out of his but its still in great condition for his sister to wear next year. Nothing cost me more than $30, see below #6.
6. Be prepared for altitude sickness and this goes for everyone- Which usually results in headaches, loss of appetite, feeling sick to your stomach, feeling weak and tired, dizzy, and not sleeping well (guess that answers my question as to why we didn't seem well, should have researched sooner.) Last year it was just me that suffered from a bad headache, but this year, it was me, the kids, and Mallie. Mallie and I had headaches we couldn't kick. Brady started with a headache but it turned into loss of appetite and sick to his tummy and Charley seemed to be doing just fine, never complaining about anything and then just threw up that evening and once she did and went to sleep, she woke up feeling completely normal.  
Things you can do to prevent this from happening are not to fly, not an option for us, Ryan hates driving, take your time driving in, stop maybe 1/2 way, drink plenty of fluids prior to leaving and when you arrive, and some people say to start taking ibuprofen 6 hours before arriving. 

Brady's Gear
Brady's Gear which was a set $24
Thermals $8.88

 Brady's boots, these were actually men's and they are out of stock but here is a link to some similar for boys for $22.

Charley's Gear

Even cute character long johns $4

  Even got me some cute snow boots $26

 My morning quiet time

 Waiting for the others to get a fam pic and Char is actually smiling
 My people

 Look close and you can see Mallie and Corbs on the porch, that's how close we were to the slopes
 Another blue we had to ski to get to the easy green, those little people up there to the right are my crew

Here is Charley skiing with Ryan
Once we got to our easy green

 Charley thought it was super funny this trip to frown in almost every picture
 Ryan, Charley, and Brady
 Today was Shannon's bday!
 Battle wounds

After skiing we rested, cleaned up and headed into town for a little shopping and dinner with the bday girl! We found a really fun hat shop where everyone had a blast trying on all different kinds of hats. Once we were done shopping we ate dinner at Quandary Grille, which was super yummy and totally kid friendly. Then we headed back to the house to meet up with Trae, Britt, and the kids and eat some bday cake.

 Shannon aka Birthday Princess
 What??? Ryan being silly on camers :)

 This is the hat Brady settled on, boy he is cute! I believe with that hair and that face he could totally be a Breck Kid!
 Corbs loved the sunglasses.
 Mallie and the kids
 Charley got a new pair of sunglasses
 Mallie and the kids
 Why is spaghetti so fun to eat for kids, lol?

All the kiddos!

While we were skiing, Corby was playing... 
Today Mallie found a library for Corbs and her to hang out at and he loved it!

Jan. 24th
Coming Home...
Sadly our ski trip as come to an end, but what a fun time we had hanging with our kiddos and sweet friends. We got a group shot of everyone before heading into town to turn in our keys and grab some crepes from Crepe A La Carte which is a must if you come to Breckenridge. We got a little of everything, a little sweet and savory and they were all to die for! Then started our 2hr drive to Denver to catch our flights. The flight home was pretty uneventful, everyone did great, Corbs little ears started hurting him while landing and he refused to drink from his sippy cup so what did Ryan...give him gum. My other I swear were like 4 or 5 before they had gum, but it worked.
 Sammy, Shannon, Corby, Charley, Me, Brady, Ryan, Brittany, Cade, Bishop, and Trae
 Mallie and the kiddos
Crepes A La Carte, be prepared to wait, but its so worth it

The cutest little cart ever
I got the Crepe Benedict, like an eggs benedict
The kids got nutella crepes
 The view driving is just breathe taking

Our entertainment at the airport

Slow Mo
 Brady is so good with them
 Checking out the airplanes
 buckle up Corby

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