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Oct. 4th-Oct. 10th My Crazy Accident and More

Oct. 4th, 2015
Well, my plan of running just a quick errand to Target ended quite differently. 
I can not tell you how many times while driving kids around over the last almost 9yrs that I have turned around to answer to a "mama" or turned around to discipline or probably most often turned around to sooth a crying/screaming baby which is what I was doing when I crashed my car into a a brick column on a median not 3 seconds from my house. This was definitely an eye opener for me, not the cheapest or easiest eye opener, lol, but definitely an eye opener! So to all you moms and dads out there maybe think before you turn around the next time to help your kids or stop before you text while driving, the kids can wait and for sure your phone can too! So very thankful for God's protection over us and sweet neighbors who came to my rescue and helped watch the kids for us. Not to mention our parents, family, and friends who have helped, offered to helped or reached out through fb, texts and calls, we are super blessed, thank you!

 Day 277:
 Leave it to my sister  to bring humor to a scary situation! I text her and my other sister to let them know I had been in a wreck and sent them a pic of my head and her reply, "Baby Ruth" followed by this picture 😂! Yes of course she asked if I was ok too! Just call me Sloth 😉!
 So I sent her this pic afterwards!


Oct. 5th , Day 278:
Shiner Selfie! 
Swelling of my head as gone down tremendously and I'm sportin' lots of new colors on my shiner! Thanking God again for his protection! 

Oct. 6th, Day 279:
Cheetos, Cheesy Kisses, and Cheesin with Corby makes everything better!
Sally the Shiner decided to spread her love, b/c no eye needs to be left out!

Oct. 7th, Day 280: 
Sunglass Selfie, b/c Charley refused to allow me to take her to school today without them on, glad I like big sunglasses, lol

Oct. 8th, Day 281: 
Brought to you by the letter U-Upside Down Umbrella Day at school for Charley!
Rainy Day Lunch-Rainbow pasta, clouds (popcorn), cheesy clouds with carrot sun, carrot rain drops in rain puddle (blue ranch) and apple umbrella!

Oct. 9th, Day 282: 
KNOT your typical Friday, hanging out with Batman and his cool bat mobile! And KNOT everybody gets to wake up every morning anxiously awaiting their first glance in the morning to see how their face has changed, it's always a mystery.

Oct. 10th
Day 283: 
Today besides playing baseball, softball, and football we got to celebrate two little girls turning 4! Celebrating them, I couldn't help but think about another sweet little girl, Julia Grace, who is celebrating her 4th bday in heaven! Although she was here on earth for just a very short time, her little life and her parents journey of faith and trust in God has forever changed me and continues to inspire and touch not just me but so many people's life! Proud and blessed to call them friends! 

 Such a fun night celebrating this cutie!

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