Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dec, 31st, Day 365-New Year's Eve

Dec. 31st:
Bringing in the New Year with Friends at Mi Casa! Some of our closest friends and their kiddos came over to celebrate tonight! We had a house full to say the least and I loved it!

 Hillary, Me, Jenn, and Kara

 Ryan has been hunting the last several days, and getting no sleep was catching up with him, not sure he moved from this spot, but he did let me take a picture!
 Zach and Jenn
 Brady, Aaron, and Cooper
 Tim sportin my MJ blanket
 Got him to take another pic, but again he didn't move, lol
 The Towerys
 Our girls
 Kara and Tim
 Wow, 3pics tonight, 2 with glasses on but still in the same spot
 Ryan and Colton
 My bigs
 Michael and Kelli
  Day 365 or Day 730:
Here's to a new year and no more hilaryeveryday!!! As much as I have enjoyed documenting our lives everyday for the last 2 years, 730days, I found myself getting caught up in taking pictures for the wrong reasons and worried about getting a post done before midnight, b/c I couldn't miss a day, or thinking too much about what I'd write for my post. So here's to a new year of less worry, taking pictures as much as I always have but because I want to and not b/c I feel like I have to and to posting when I want. But don't fret, you know I won't be able to keep from sharing my precious family with you, so be looking for ‪#‎hilaryhappenings2016‬ but not everyday

 Literally the first thing to came to mind when I saw this picture of me was Roz from Monsters Inc.
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