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Dec. 24th, Day 358-Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve we always spend with my side of the family, it begins with Christmas Eve Service at my parents church, then back to my parents house for some good ole Mexican Food, and presents. This year they didn't have childcare so Corby got to sit through the service, not sure there was much sitting but we survived. Honestly for an almost 2yr old, he did great! He did get the entire congregation to giggle, when the worship leader said, "Lets stand and sing," and yelled, "Yay!" I didn't get that on video but I did get him saying hi to his Mimi who was singing in the choir. 

 Don't worry I stopped him before he wrote in the Hymnal

 Christmas Eve 2014
 Christmas Eve 2015
 The kids table
 Dad read us T'was Night Before Christmas in Texas

 Opening presents is a little chaotic
 Book he got from Aunt Mandi and Uncle Chris
 A new ornament to add to their trees from Mimi and Popi

 One of the few things she asked for by name
 Mari showing off her sewing stuff
 Mimi and Popi got her Softball clothes for her doll Santa will bring her tomorrow
 Mimi and Popi got him his first Jordan hat
 Phoebe showing off a gift
 Her new sewing machine
 It's A Curry Thing
 A new Bible, super excited about this
Charley got one too

His mouth full with chocolate showing off his hat, Mimi got him by accident on my part, I sent her a link thinking it was Brady's size, but she refused to return it, she thought he didn't a Jordan hat too. 

 Errin and Kaylee
 My nephew Chase just turned 16 a few days ago, crazy
 My sister Mandi and bro in law Chris
 We got Kendra this purse that matches her backpack

 My sister Tanya and Bro in law Matt
 Kaylee excited about her cat purse
 Tanya had the kids reenact some Christmas pics they took were the were little kids of them making Christmas cookies, it was super cute

 We got mom some earrings she asked for
 Popi showing off some gifts

 My sister thinks she's a mermaid so mermaid leggings she must have
 Chris adn Ryan fighting

My dad for the first time in all the time I've known him, called me yesterday and asked if there was something my mom would want for Christmas, he takes her all over the world, but buying gifts has never been a strong suit of his. So he went to James Avery and got her a bracelet she wanted that matched her new earrings. She was super surprised! 

 Mom and dad got me some Glitter Kate Spades
 Charley showing off her Blankie Tail
 We got Charley and all the little nieces personalized bracelets

Oh I love this kid! 
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