Saturday, January 2, 2016

Oct. 11th-17th Coming Soon

Oct. 11th 
Day 284:
Guess who the Tooth Fairy will be visiting tonight??!! Charley lost her first tooth! Mama got to pull it too, but it required some trickery.Once we got it out she was super excited!

Brady's 7on7 team won first place today! Go Grindhouse 2nd/3rd graders!

Oct. 12th 
Day 285: 
A picnic with cousins kind of day! 
 Oct. 13th
Day 286: 
Spirit Night at Spring Creek BBQ tonight for Brady's school! We ran into to these two spectacular ladies, Mrs. Seifried (left) Brady's teacher and Mrs. Smith (right) another 3rd grade teacher that tutors Brady. We are so thankful for both of them and super blessed, he couldn't be in better hands, you pray for teachers like this! They love our boy and we love them! 
Oct. 14th
Day 287: 
Anything Good you see in me is because of Jesus Christ! Everyday for the last 10 days now, looking in the mirror has been a reminder to slow down and not let the chaos in the background distract me from keeping my eyes on the road. How true is that of our daily walk with Him? If we could just keep our eyes on Him and not let things-life, kids, busyness, work, people, etc distract us from living our life with Him at the center of everything and in everything bringing Him the glory! I want people to Jesus in me even if I look like a "creepy monster" as I was called by one of Charley's classmates,  don't you just love the things kids say, lol/! I had to turn away when her teacher got on to him b/c I couldn't stop laughing! But It's funny how this "creepy monster" face has allowed be to share a little bit of Jesus in lots of "Oh goodness, what happened to you?" conversations!
Side note, yesterday, picture on the right, was the first time I've worn mascara since the wreck and if you know me that's unheard of, mascara is a part of me, we don't go anywhere without each other so although my knot still looks crazy at least I kinda have my eyes back, kinda

Oct. 15th
Day 279: 
Love this beautiful, funny, crazy, toothless girl! 

 And this cutie, wanted to carry his pack pack

 Obviously I was a little out of it after my wreck and I'm pretty sure even if I couldn't gotten myself out of the car and walked over to a picture of my car the EMT's might have frowned upon that. When Ryan went to the tow yard the next day to clean out my car, he was too angry with me about the mess I had left, oops, he didn't think to take any pictures. So until I got these pictures and notice that my car was officially totaled from the insurance company today, I had not seen my car, let's just say it was another eye opener and I'm thanking Jesus once again for his protection. 

Oct. 16th 
Oh just another day of finding Corby getting into something it shouldn't be, lol!
Day 280: 
Open House at Charley's school! Charley has come so far this year, putting her in this private Kindergarten program, (we are calling transitional Kinder to try and not make it so confusing for her) was the best decision we could have made. She is going to be ready for public Kindergarten next year for sure! We are super proud of her!

 I obey my parents
 The animals are God's creation

 Making cookies

 Oct. 17th
 Oh I love this kid!

 How getting ready looks like when it's just the two of us at home-In the guest bathroom b/c there is less for him to get into and with food (can't see his banana) to occupy him and keep him happy, luckily my hair doesn't take long
 And how getting ready looks like when it's just the two of us at home 5 seconds later

Day 281: 
Brady's school Fall Festival with these two!

I was in charge of our Silent Auction Basket, I believe this was by far my favorite one I've done!

 Wax Hand

 Definitely fitting into to this Halloween look these days, lol! I can not tell you how many crazy looks I get.


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