Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday 8th
Breaking the new car in...
By mistake I pushed the wrong button and made Brady's sit go down and boy I'm glad I did, b/c I found Charley's artwork on the back of the headrest of my not even 3month old car, ugh! I have no idea how long its been there and we are still working on getting it off. I am going to best and find joy in this, she is doing a great job of writing her name but man sure wish she'd leave it for paper instead. 

Sat. 9th
A day of Basketball! Brady had 3 games today, won 1, lost 2 but played great! I love seeing him run up and down the court, his hustle, and determination, makes me miss the playing, but excited to see him continue to grow to love the game like I do!



 His little cheerleaders

 This girl asked to to sit in my lap tonight and not soon after fell alseep, this never gets old!

Sunday 10th
Sunday Smiles with Corby! 

Ryan wanted to grab some Fro Yo tonight after dinner, b/c who doesn't want cold stuff when its 40 outside, lol, the kids of course agreed that was a great idea!

 B/c 1 spoon isn't enough
 Chocolate face
Night time stories with these two! Can't believe this little guy will be 2 on Tuesday!
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