Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday-Momfessionals and Corby goes to School

 To help me be more accountable to sticking to my resolution of blogging more, twice a month I am joining in with Andrea from http://www.momfessionals.com/ as well as some Mix and Match mama and other bloggers and doing Show and Tell Tuesdays. If you missed last my first Show and Tell Tuesday and can see it here.

Today on the agenda, Momfessionals!!!!


Let's Talk Christmas for a minute since it just happened and my Christmas decorations are still up, which brings me to confession 1...

1. My Christmas decorations are still up and probably will be until February, b/c I leave tomorrow for vacation, oops! Every year I tell myself I'll do better but it never happens! I have be known to live them up as late as the day before Valentines before.

2. I have not completely decorated my house since our first Christmas living here, which was almost 4yrs ago. My closest is set up ridiculously and not convenient to get to all my stuff and being pregnant one of those years and keeping Corbs out of stuff the rest, I just do the bare minimum. TO make it worse I will buy new stuff each year to put out just so I don't have to climb into my closest so my house looks festive.

3. I DON"T let my kids help me decorate the trees! As much as I want to be one of those families that have a tradition of putting their tree up together, we are not, b/c I am so, so ridiculously OCD about how the tree gets decorated and where each ornament goes, silly I know. IF I let the kids help, I typically tell them where things go or move it when they aren't looking, horrible I know! This year I started feeling a little guilty but no, not guilty enough to allow them to help but instead I got them their own tree that they could decorate however they want!! A new tradition and a little less guilt, win win right???!!


4. I HATE doing laundry!! I actually don't mind washing and sometimes not even folding but putting clothes up is my weakness! I might have clothes sitting on the couch for a week or more and when we have people come over and I am in a panic b/c I don't have time to put it all up, I hide clothes, yep, I hide them and no not always in the laundry, b/c its overflowing with junk. I usually put clothes in grocery sacks and put them in the closest of everyone's room. 

5.SOCKS are the WORSE!!!! When I am on top of things I will safety pin socks together before washing them (a trick I learned from my dad) so there is no searching for a matching pair, but who has time for that all the time, not me. I have been known to go buy new socks just so I don't have to sit there and find matches. 

This is just a few of a 1000 or more I could share! Looking forward to m next Tuesday Show and Tell!

Monday, January 18th
 Corby's first day of school was today and he did great! 
A few tears at drop off but they said he had a terrific day! He was actually only there for 2 hours, a school policy for the first 4 days, so the real challenge will be come Feb. when he goes all day! 

Sweet Big sister holding his hand walking into school

By the time I was around the corner and ready to leave he was playing with the train set.


 He was so excited to so off his craft to me but especially Brady

 Big Boy wanted to sit on the bench outside of school.

 Since most kids are off today in honor of Martin Luther King except for Charley's school, I got to spend some time with just the boys for a few hours. We ran a few errands and then had lunch at Pei Wei.

The kids were especially sweet tonight and I just needed to capture the calm, quiet sweetness since it doesn't happen a lot.

 Day 2 of School
Another successful day at school!

He was giving kisses to the duck

 Another day in the books!
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  1. Haha! I am OCD about my tree too. I have a little one for them to decorate next year!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you linked up! And listen, if Andrew would let me, I'd keep my Christmas decorations up year around ;).