Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jan. 3rd Hilary's Huge Finds

For all you fuzzy The North Face fleece lovers out there, do I have something fabulous for you! 

I take much joy in finding deals on great things! For anyone that knows me, knows I love to shop but I am a bargain girl! I love finding bargains and even more so I love telling people about where I found my bargain. Most of the time when I tell people  about my finds, they say to me, "man I can never find stuff like that," so I decided I would start sharing my finds, so here's to my first Hilary's Huge Finds!

I had asked Ryan for one of these fuzzy The North Face jackets for Christmas and he listened, well, half way anyway, lol! I had actually asked for a black one, b/c in my head I had a hard time justifying spending $100 on a jacket so I wanted to make sure I could wear it a bunch. So when I opened the pink one he got me, I loved it, I mean who doesn't love pink, but I asked him if it was okay if I might return it for a black one. Running a quick errand to Walmart a few days later, I was in a hurry and just grabbed the jacket with the receipt in the pocket still planning to return it, I mean I was just going to wear it for a minute. Once I got to Walmart I immediately found my huge find! Right there in front of my eyes was a fuzzy black jacket, although the look, a little different the fuzzy is the EXACT same and they were only $14.56. So, what did I do, I grabbed a black one with the thought I could keep my pink Christmas present AND get a black one, a win win! Of course I grabbed 2 other colors too! And when I walked around the corner and some lady told me how much she liked my jacket and what great color it was on me, I knew I had made the right decision. To make my find even more huge, I decided to have my one of my besties Hillary  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010635737059&ref=br_rs monogram it and Wallah, I now have my super cute fuzzy pink The North Face and 3 others with my monogram but wait it gets better, these look alikes are now on sale for $8.00, you're welcome!!!!
My The North Face jacket Ryan got me

In other news, the kids firsts day back to school was today, and although I did not miss listening to them fight, I did miss them like crazy!!! Poor Corbs missed them too, he asked 100x where bubba, diter, and daddy were all day long! 

Glad to have them all back together now!

And what's for dinner...TACO TUESDAY
 Who doesn't love the feeling of putting dinner in the crockpot in the morning and dinner be ready at dinner time, I sure do??!!! I made Mix and Match Mama's BBQ Brisket Tacos and the kids loved them! The only thing I changed is my kids prefer soft tacos more than crunchy so I bought soft tortilla taco boats. 

And to humor you this happened after dinner tonight... 
 Oh this two, I call them my crazy C kids, b/c that they are, separate they are crazy, together they are even crazier but I love them!
They decided it would be fun to stand on our coffee table that my bff's father in law made us 10yrs ago, guess I should be surprised a barn wood coffee table would last even that long in this house.
 In time out
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