Thursday, January 21, 2016

Boozers take Breck Day 1 & 2

Up at 4:15, out of the house by 4:30 and to the airport just in time for our 6am flight. Btw we did not book a 6am flight, b/c what crazies would do that with 3 kids? About a month ago we got notification they changed the departure time. Other than our friends not making the flight, literally standing at the entry of the jet bridge and before 6am, doors shutting seconds before they walked up but they wouldn't open the door for them. Luckily, they were able to catch a flight from Love Field and still arrived in Colorado at a decent time.

The kids did great on the flight even being sleep deprived. Corbs fell asleep as we hit the ground.
We arrived in Denver by 8am their time and were on the road by 8:45, grabbed some breakfast and started our 2hr drive to Breckenridge. All of us but Ryan pasted out shortly after getting in the car.

We got to Breckenridge by 10:45 and we're able to get into our condo early which was a blessing. We got settled, chilled for a little while and then played in the snow. We ate some yummy lunch at Ollie's Colorado Alehouse & Craft Food were Brady started feeling sick, complaining of a headache and tummy ache, poor guy laid his head down during the entire meal. By the time we got back to the condo he started to feel much better luckily. Other than a few of us having some headaches we thought we had gotten past altitude sickness that was until we were in the store getting our skies that Charley threw up. She was acting just fine other than being extremely tired but never complaining about not feeling bad. I just by chance glanced over at her sitting down and saw she was as pale as a ghost and my mama stealth like skills took over and we were out the door just as she started to vomit. For the most part we saved the store and her clothes from being completely covered. We got her back to our place and she laid down and fell asleep soon and woke up this morning just fine! Not sure if it was just altitude sickness or a combination of exhaustion and nerves about skiing as well but super thankful it wasn't worse.

 A little Starbucks to wake us up!

 Excuse my sleepy eyes!
 These was Corbs first flight as a non lap child, he thought he was so big having his own seat and buckle.

 Driving into Breck

 Our Surfer Dude turned Mountain Man

 Corbs wasn't real sure about the snow

 Building a snowman

 Getting fitted, does she look sick to you?

 So Brady has a HUGE foot, he's 8.5 and wears 6.5 shoe, they had to put him in men's boots, just 1/2 inch smaller than mine which meant mens skies but he didn't meet the weight requirement, he had those people really scratching their hands trying to figure out the best solution for this big footed, skinny guy!
Jan. 21st
First Ski Day
Like I mentioned earlier Charley woke up feeling just fine so our prepaid ski school reservations didn't go to waste. We had to drop her off at 8:15, unlike last year, her first year to ski, she was going to school by herself, not with Brady or friends. Last year we did a private lesson with Brady, her, and Ally, and Karson and were able to meet their ski instructor and get his number. He was great, he would send us pictures and updates. This year, not only did she not have anyone to go with her but they didn't know who her teacher would be and there was no contact number so it made this mama more nervous than I already was, I might have actually even cried a little, not in front of her of course though. I know these people are trained professionals and I'm sure there is some background checks and other requirements that have to be met in order to be one, but dropping your 5yr old daughter off with a bunch of strangers is super nerve wracking. I have been uneasy about it for several weeks and have really been praying about it and trying to give it to God and you know what he totally took care, He always does. She ended up getting a one on one lesson, b/c the other 3 kids didn't show. So not only did she get some extra attention but she loved her teacher and had a great time! Although she went in with a smile on her face I know she was extremely nervous from our conversations over the last several weeks so when we picked her up and she was smiling even bigger, ear to ear and yelling "I can ski by myself" and he said "I was a fast skier" my heart just smiled! I told her that was one thing no one would ever say about her mother, lol. I could definitely take some lessons about overcoming fears like a champ from her, we are super proud of her, we weren't sure after last year if she'd ever ski again.
Now Brady, man did he amaze us! His first year just last year as well and just having 1 day of ski school last time, leaving last year knowing the basics but still timid about skiing totally came out and acted like he had this from the very beginning. He did great! We couldn't be more proud of both of them! They are going to be skiing circles around me in no time!
 Corbs trying on Brady's helmet
 Getting ready to hit the slopes

 Shannon and Sammy
Sammy is one of Ryan's college roomies and it was Shannon's first time to ski. They along with Ryan's childhood friend Trae and his wife Brittany joined us this year.

 Ryan and Brady
 Left-Shannon and Sammy
Right-Ryan and Brady
 My boys
 Our super excited girl after ski lessons. We really wanted to see what all she had learned at school but she was really tired and wanted to go back to the house. The instructor insured us she would be great on the greens and would not need another day of school. So we are looking forward to seeing her ski tomorrow.
 Sammy, Brady, and Ryan
 Sammy and Shannon
The kids loved the hot tub!
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