Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Corby!

Happy Birthday Corby!!!
I say it everyday year with every kid, but I seriously can not believe our baby is 2! It's hard enough to believe and then when you know its you last it just makes it a little bit harder to swallow! 
You are an answer to my prayers! You are the most adorable thing ever, Corbs the Adorbs! Your cheesing over the top smile is contagious and those eyes of yours are breath taking, people say your eyes smile and I would have to agree! You are funny, sweet, and very polite, you say things like thank you, please, bless you and excuse me without being prompted. Seriously, you have the best personality ever! You love your bubba and diter and want to be just like them, especially your bubba! You are a daddy's and brother's shadow! It's a good thing you are cute, b/c you are a busy little crazy  mess, you are by far the wildest kiddo ever, which is why I thought having a Where the Wild Things Are bday would be perfect for you, you are the King of Wild Things! You love to get into anything and everything, you keep us on our toes but I wouldn't change it for the world!  
You are super smart and have a very wide vocabulary: mommy, daddy, bubba, Brady, diter, Char Char, Popi, Mimi (you call your mimi this and anyone else you don't know their name), Phoebe, Nani, Boog, Izzie, ball, bball (yes, you actually say b ball for basketball), Bible, Jesus, packpack, yummy, sorry, yes m'am, yes sir, oh tay (aka ok), I do me (when you what a turn or what to do it yourself), diter hit me, diter bit me, oh man, puppy, kitty, and lots more, including making many sentences and pretty much repeating everything you hear!
You love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Paw Patrol, and Chugginton.You love anything on wheels, and all sorts, shapes, and sizes of balls. You love baseball, basketball, and football and anytime a game is on TV you yell "Go Brady"! Adele's Hello and Lil Jonh and Dj Snake's Turn Down For What are currently your favorite songs and you love to dance to Silento's Watch Me, you say "Oh Ni Ni" instead of Nae Nae, it's hilarious! 
You bring us so much joy to not just us but all those you come in contact with, we can not imagine our life without you! As sad as we are to see you are getting older way too fast, we are excited to see the young man God created you to be! We love you to pieces Corby Reed! Happy Birthday precious boy of ours!
   First a little walk down memory lane...

First Bday Pics-Oh How Time Flies

Here are a few of my favs from his 1st bday shoot, the rest you can see here as well as his first bday.

Where the Wild Things Are 2nd Bday Pics
A couple of weeks ago I took Corby out to the same field our photography took our family Christmas pics this year, I just knew it would be the most perfect spot. The pictures turned out exactly how I had envisioned them, I was super pleased! Here is just a couple if you missed them, you can see the rest here.


Last night as a 1 year old...

What better way to start Corby's birthday morning with some bible journaling, praising God not only for Corby, but all 3 of these answered prayers, what blessings they all are! God is good ALL the time!

Good Morning Birthday Boy!!!

 He wasn't sure about the fire

Facetiming Daddy


Ready for the BIG day...
Yesterday I searched high and low for Brady's 2nd bday shirt and after dragging several bags of Brady's old clothes down from the attic and having no luck it dawned on that it might be in Charley's keepsake clothes. Although I can't seem to find a pic of her in it, they all 3 have worn this shirt, I'd call that a great investment! Ryan might think I'm on the verge of a being a hoarder (I come by in naturally, thanks dad) but it's times like this I'm glad I have a hard time getting rid of things, hehe.

 Right after these pics, Corbs started acting very fussy, crying and clinging to me, after picking him up and sitting with him, I noticed right away how hot he was, poor baby has 102 fever on his bday.

 Corby and Brady sportin their two shirt
He sat like this with me for probably 45min until he told me he wanted to go lay down, headed to the doctor shortly, praying he feels better soon.

Doctor Visit and not for Wellness...
Well, we definitely didn't have this on our list of fun things to do today but positive is he got to read some books and got a bday sucker. Diagnosis- cold/viral infection.

 He loved watching the boy in the window

He was feeling ok until about 4:30 when the Tylenol wore off and fever cam back, it wasn't long after that that he fell asleep in my arms, this was after taking a 2.5 hr nap earlier today.

He was awoken by the pizza man at the door with dinner and and it didn't take him long to find enough energy to eat 3 pieces of pizza!

 Cousin Cori singing on Facetime

Not the day I had planned... 
Today was definitely not the fun day I had planned for our lil big guy but I will tell you that I got something super sweet today that doesn't happen very often and that's lots and lots of cuddle time, just want I needed to help me soak in the fact our baby isn't so much a baby anymore! 
Praying he will be feeling better soon and be ready for his party on Sat. 

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