Monday, January 4, 2016

Jan. 2nd-4th Bible Journaling, Sunday Funday, End of Holiday Break & Corby Throwback

Jan. 2nd
 I had already decided that getting my priorities in check was a must this year, making a better point of putting God at the center of everything, so to read this this morning was no mistake.
I want a Mary's heart, one that is focused, single-minded. She chose the better thing. She chose to learn from Jesus, to listen to him, to open her heart and mind to him. She had her priorities in proper order.
But how like Martha am I and probably most of us! We work hard to serve the Lord and do what is necessary but we get caught up in the moment, the stresses, distracted with serving and miss out on time with God, listening to him, learning from him. God wants our company more than he wants are busy-ness, even for Him.
I did some searching after my reading and am excited to say I found a book called A Mary's Heart in a Martha's World: Finding Intimacy With God in the Busyness of Life by Jonana Weaver. I'll keep ya posted on what God reveals to me. Below is the link to the book on Amazon.

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
 Corby got a scooter for Christmas and a helmet, although he refuses to wear his own helmet, this is actually Brady's.

You can tell he gets distracted easily

Jan. 3rd
After church the C's and I met my folks at a super yummy bbq place in Southlake called Feedstore BBQ, while Ryan took Brady to a pitching lesson. We have come to really enjoy this place! They have cows right behind the restaurant, so its fun for the kids to go see them after lunch. Corby only likes them from afar. 

Who doesn't like a place with soft serve ice cream?

Jan. 4th 
Waking up to this little voice from the monitor and his precious face is a joy for sure!

 Another great read this morning, I just love Psalm 103!

To celebrate the kids last day of the break, we went to The Rain Forest Cafe. Technically Charley was supposed to go back today, but I gave her the choice this morning to go or stay since Brady didn't have school, she of course chose to stay. 

 This guy has a love hate relationship with this place. He loves all the animals until they come alive, lol!
 This kid seriously loves him some ribs, he will never leave meat on the bones!

Corby refused to get this close to the animals 

Because my littlest man is fixing to be 2, thought it would be fun to look back at some of my favorite pics of him. Here are some from 6months...

 I knew really early on that I wanted to do an airplane themed party so b/c I was so late getting his announcements out, I decided to do a little photo shoot staying in theme and send his announcement and 6month shots out together, which actually didn't get sent out until he was 8months, I am the queen of procrastination! 
Sorry, couldn't find the original copy so this is a pic of the pic

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