Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, Yay!!!! 
We have a busy next few days ahead of us, lots of practices, Corby's bday party, 2 basketball games, a grown up party, church, more practices, and packing for our ski trip. Although Brady is off Monday, Charley isn't, and b/c we leave on Wed to go skiing, Corby will go to school for the first time Monday and Tuesday. As you know I'm a new stay at home mom so the big kids started school fresh out of the womb so I wasn't sure about what to do with Corby. I knew he would love school and it would be good for him and honestly me too, but part of me felt guilty, after all, I got to quit teaching to stay home to care for him, so caring for him is my job. After some much prayer we decided that him going to school just 2days a week would be a great idea. I did decide that we'd wait until after his 2nd bday, for some reason that made it seem a little better. He is going to benefit from mingling with other kids, having a routine, learning to share, following directions, motor skills, exploring, being creative not to mention educational and developmental skills. Myself, will be able to breathe and sit, lol, kidding but not. Really on these days, I'm looking forward to having one day for a kid free errand day and the other for a cleaning house. The good thing, Corby can only stay for 2 hours for the first four days, to help him adjust, so we can both handle 2hrs.

Now on to Friday Favorites...
My new wall calendar from Paper Source. As I mentioned in one of my previous post, one of my goals is to get better organized, so this is one of my solutions. It's 24.75" x 19.25" to give you an idea of how big it is, I even took a pic below with my hand. So why this instead of a white board or chalkboard? Well, as much as I love the looks of chalkboards, chalk gives me the hebejebes and not b/c of scratching nails, its the actual chalk, I can not stand touching it as well as cardboard boxes, pizza stones, and wooden spoons, lol, call me crazy. I am a perfectionist so the idea of me taking my time to write out everything on my calendar and then it getting erased frightens me so great big paper calendar it is. I had my friend's husband build the frame around it and then I added the tin flowers from Hobby Lobby to glitz it up!

 My favorite Abound v-neck t-shirts that I live in from Nordstrom Rack. They are by far the softest most comfortable t-shit ever! Anytime I have my friend make me shirts these are the shirts I have her use. They come in all different colors too. They are juniors so I size up, I could totally get away with wearing a medium, but I don't like things to clingy or tight so I where a large.

Maegan, one of my former students turned sitter, turned basically one of my own kids, and I sportin a pink one for Charley's Barbie in Princess Power party.
One of my besties Hillary, yes, Hillary but with 2 l's made both of these shirts and makes most of my custom vinyl shirts.
Another grey 

 My favorite shoes of all time and really I'm not sure why, other than they are vintage, colorful, super fun and sassy I guess. I've told Ryan, my mom, and several friends that I want to be buried in these. They are so, so old too and many times over the years I've searched for some new ones with no luck. The brand is Summer Rio if you get a wild hair and decide to search them and find them, you'd be my hero, size 9 plz :).

My favorite shoes for the moment and can be purchased at Target, Zola's Sneakers-Mossimo. I mean who doesn't look a good glittery pair of shoes??!! They also come in black lace.
I love cardis but this one by far is my favorite especially for our Texas weather. Its super soft and very light weight. Don't get me wrong I love the big fluffy kind of cardis too but I get hot fast when its just kinda chilly outside so this works great! This particular one Stripe Open Front Cardigan
is no longer available but there are more by the same brand Painted Threads.

 By far my go to casual earrings, even when I go to the gym, lol. I've never found them at Nordstrom but always at Nordstrom Rack.

If I want to be a little more fancy, I wear the glitter ones, the multi color are my favs! I got gold and silver for Christmas. Online it looks like Nordstroms only has Turquoise  but I found the multi glitter ones at Belk along with the others posted below.

Product Image
kate spade new york® Small Square Stud Earrings 
kate spade new york® Small Square Stud Earringskate spade new york® Small Square Stud Earringskate spade new york® Small Square Stud Earringskate spade new york® Small Square Stud Earrings 
All the above colors here
kate spade new york® Small Square Stud Earringskate spade new york® Small Square Stud Earrings 

 In honor of National Hat Day, I'll share my favorite hats! I have always been a big fan of the idea of wearing hats but I never felt like I wore them well until I found a Judith March hat in Canton. I saw this Wifey hat and knew I needed it and since then I've bought the Texas one too. Next on my buys is a Cross one. I love the rustic fun look of these!

 Judith March Cross Hat Red Denim
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