Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Thankful my bestie shared this book with me, I am on day 6 and am loving every minute of it! Reads like Jesus Calling and has worship songs to go along with each days reason to praise Him, which I love!

Corby decided he'd help himself to some Jalapeno chips while I was talking to Jesus, but Thankful he ratted himself out and brought them to me, I can't leave this guy alone for a min.
Thankful for my Jesus shirts, I May Not Be Perfect But Jesus Thinks I Am To Die For! I would wear one everyday if I could, I mean what better way to show people Jesus than wearing it!  
This particular one is from Mardel Not of the World (NOTW) brand. Most of the Women's are women fit so I always size up, normally a medium but I get a large. Not too mention how great it goes with my Emily cardi, they were made for each other.

 Thankful for this girl and her school who makes learning letters fun! Studying the letter H, having Hilarious Hat day and b/c I love to making lunches fun and H just happens to be one of my favorite letters I had to coordinate her lunch.

Letter H lunch!
 If this were Scrabble I'd get double word points for the Hoagie, b/c its a Hard salami Hoagie, hehe! Honey Dew, Hummus, and Honey Mustard chips.

Thankful for our new dentist and a good check up for all! Corby wasn't so sure about getting his teeth cleaned for the first time but cheered up quickly when he got his balloon and discovered he got to keep his tooth brush.

 Charley's balloon popped as I was taking picture, don't worry she got a new one!
 Thankful for easy crock pot dinners, our Pepperoni Pizza Soup is looking pretty yummy!
OMG it was so good!!!! I added some water b/c my family doesn't like thick soup and then realized I added too much water so I then added some pizza sauce, a little more Italian seasoning and garlic salt and it was delish! 
Thankful that these guys are big enough to help me make party favors and think its fun!

 Thankful I found Corby a matching stool for his bday, it came it yesterday and he loves it!

 Thankful for receiving text like this and that Brady brings Joy to people, oh how happy this makes me

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