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Dec. 25th, Day 359-Merry Christmas

Dec. 25th
 I just love this time of year! Seeing the joy on the kids faces is worth every penny spent and hour sweating over purchases or putting purchases together :)! But more than that I love to see how each year the kids begin to understand a little bit more why we celebrate Christmas and that JESUS was and is the greatest gift we will ever will receive!

 It's waiting on them!

 Go Jesus, It's Your Birthday!
 First one up, morning sugars
 Brady was really hard to buy for this year, he is getting to where he is a little big for toys, so it was lots of sports gear
 KD shoes he asked for 

 Corby trying out his scooter

 Corby checking out this video camera thing
Corby loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

 One of their favorite movies, so they had to have the book

 Ryan got some new binoculars

  Charley got her first American Doll McKenna from Santa and Mama and Daddy got her the gymnastics equipment

 Of course Corbs was finding all the candy

 Merry Christmas Morning! Brady is also too big for matching pjs, not that he wouldn't wear them, I just couldn't find any that would fit him that matched the others unless I wanted to spend $30 a pair and that wasn't happening

 Wearing our new pullovers
 Brady's gift from Santa, his first pair of Jordan's

 He started collecting baseball and football cards last year, this year he asked for Basketball cards

 To say Corby loved his train set would be an understatement

 He got a new backpack, napmat, and lunch b/c he will be starting to go to pre-school a few days a week after his bday!

Day 359:
Merry Christmas From the Boozers! 

Christmas at Nani and Booga's 
If all goes as planned this will be our last Christmas at the Boozers house. After 31yrs of living in their home they have decided its time to move. Ryan and I have been together for almost 23yrs, so part of me, us grew up in this house, so to say the least I'm a little sad. Super excited about their new adventure and living closer to us!
 Corby wasn't much interested in opening any presents, he just wanted to play with everybody's gifts!

 Steph Curry bands, another of his fav players

 He was however excited about his bball and goal
 Nerf gun
 One of the few things she actually asked for
 Booga putting together the goal
 Since we couldn't get any pics of Corbs opening his gifts, here is me opening them!

 Brady trying out the goal

 Charlie (Booga) and Charley
 We had family pictures done for Wendy a few weeks ago and had a book made for her, this is her opening it.

 Steph and Billy got Ryan a chess game b/c Billy and him are always playing each other on their phones
 A Jack*** bottle opener from his sister, very fitting she thought, lol
 Ok, who remembers these???!! I might have been more excited than her!

 Being it may be our last Christmas and probably last gathering here, I just took some pics I thought we'd appreciate later! Lots of rocking has been done on this porch!

 One of their fav spots and things to do here

 Last pic in front of the house!

 Corbs napping with Daddy

Christmas at the Hospital
Ryan's Grandfather fell a fell weeks ago and has been doing rehab at the hospital after surgery, so since couldn't be home for Christmas, we went to him!

Mick, Mother, and 5 of their great grandkids
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