Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesdays-Introductions

I know its not Tuesday anymore, but I started this post yesterday and got distracted so here it is on Wednesday.
My Name is Hilary Boozer

So why One Crazy Blessed Mama you ask...

Well, pretty simple, I am crazy but crazy in good way, I'm loud, full of energy, spontaneous, a jokester, I have a very recognizable snort when I laugh, my husband might call my crazy obnoxious at times, lol, which makes it more fun to me, hehe. Hilary actually means cheerful! I am also blessed, beyond blessed, like CRAZY blessed, so there you go, I'm a crazy mama, a blessed mama, which makes me One Crazy Blessed Mama!

I married my junior high sweetheart Ryan, we've been together 23yrs next month and married 14 1/2yrs, 15yrs in July

After a miscarriage and 10months of trying we got pregnant with our first born Brady Boozer in March of 2007.

After giving birth to Brady we realized that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  PSOC which explained a lot of things but especially my miscarriage and months of trying for Brady. I started medication and once we were ready to try for another, after 3 months of trying got pregnant with our daughter Charley Rickelle, who was born in July 2010. She is names after Ryan's dad Charlie and my dad Rick.
I have always wanted 3 kids, Ryan on the other hand took some convincing, serious convincing, and lots of prayers. After 2yrs of trying, I had finally given up hope and it was at that time on Mother's Day 2013 that I found out I was prego, she full amazing story here. Corby Reed was born in Jan 2014, lil man will be 2 next month.

So here we are the Boozers
Ryan, Hilary, Brady (8.5), Charley (5), Corby (almost 2)

I am the youngest of 3 girls, my sisters and my mama are some of my best friends!!! If you think I'm crazy you should see us together. My mom and dad have been married for 46yrs this month, they are the greatest example!

My Mama

 My Daddy (sweaty after a run together)

My crazy sisters

I am also an aunt to a 21yr old niece Kaylee, 19yr old Kendra, 16yr old nephew Chase, 10yr old niece Mari, 9yr old niece Braeleigh, 8yr old niece Phoebe, and 4yr old Cori.

Kendra on her 19th bday and Kaylee is in the bottom right pic!

My nephew Chase on his 16th bday

And my second family...
Ryan and I started dating with his sister Stephanie was 9yrs old, so she is a little sister to me and his parents are really my second parents, I mean I was just shy of 13 when Ryan first introduced me to them as his girlfriend, however his mom, thought of me as the older woman for a long time, lol.

Braeleigh, Stephanie, Billy, Charlie (Booga), Corbs, Wendy (Nani), Cori, Brady, Ryan, Charley, and Me

Ryan and I have been super blessed with more amazing friends than we could possibly imagine. We have childhood friends, junior/high school friends, college friends, hunting friends and church friends, seriously not sure they would all fit in my house if we invited everyone over and we can't imagine our life without any of them, they are all too special! I'd love to have a picture for all of them but you can just trust me on this!

I LOVE being a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, an aunt  and a friend but my greatest title is daughter of our KING! I am a Christian, I am a Jesus Girl! I do my best to live it out for Him everyday!
The color yellow, anything leopard, fashion, t-shirts, shoes, Dr. Pepper, Starbucks (White Chocolate Mocha and Pumpkin Spice, all things creative from taking pictures, to planning parties, hosting parties and making all things crafty!

I love to run, its my therapy, my get away and I don't do it enough! I get my love of running and basketball from from father, 67yrs old and he can still run and hoop with the best! Yesterday I signed up for my first race in years and I'm super excited! I haven't ran but 1 race since my kids were born even though I told myself that I would run another marathon before I was 35, now 36, going to be 37 in April, I'm a little behind. Due to a back injury 2 summers ago not sure my back can hold up for a marathon so I'm starting with a 1/2 and have a little of 7weeks to train. Ft. Worth Cowtown Half Marathon, Feb. 28th, here I come 

Do a better job of putting God at the center of all I do!
Becoming a better wife and mother, I yell too much and hate it!
Getting my priorities in checked
Better time manager
Becoming better organized, including house,( whether it be laundry, cleaning, less piling, etc) meal planning, just life- kids activities, our activities, etc
Blog more, Run More, Worry Less

So that's me in a nutshell!
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