Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dec. 27th-30th Last Christmas Celebration, Santa Corby, Corby Time Out, & Corby's 2nd Bday Pics

Day 27th Our Last Christmas Celebration

I got lucky and didn't try again. I'm a little slow, took me awhile to figure out how the game worked.
Nani was a great sport!

Charley kept going until she got it in her face!

Poor Stephanie was sick, but here are 3 of the original Boozer cousins

Uncle Kenneth getting Ryan for starting an argument just to get his blood pressure up 

Day 361: 
Christmas with the Boozers, the last of Christmas celebrations!!! 6 original cousins have multiplied, these are 15 of the 17 cousin kiddos

Corby never passes out in our arms, so this was a treat
Love these guys

Dec. 28th
 Day 362: 
Because he is just too cute and I believe you celebrate Christmas until Jan. 1st or until I get around to taking my Christmas trees down

Charley is loving her kinetic sand she got for Christmas

Dec. 29th 
Day 362: 
Grocery shopping is way more fun with your mama

Dec. 30th 
 I caught Corby playing in the potty and to my surprise when I told him he was in trouble and to go to time out he did just that, lol! Guess he has seen his sister go here a little too often.
 He cracks me up and it took everything not to laugh
 This is as still as they've been in 2wks, taking some much needed quiet time, reading. Notice my new canvases in the back.
And two seconds later, Corby is onto of the counter, doesn't seem to bother the other two
 Cleaning out Brady's backpack from the last day of school before break, I found this note from his teacher, love this kid

 Man, I found the best french dip sandwich recipe on Pinterest, you must try it!
 Corby preferred the Au Jus
One of my favorite places in our house even more so when this boy is practicing!

Day 364: 
Christmas is over which means mama is now in full party planning mode!!! First thing on the list, snapping some bday pictures of my almost 2yr old.
I told you back on my Halloween post that I knew back in Oct. that I decided to have a Where the Wild Things Are themed party for him. I have been waiting for months to take these pictures! I am very pleased for how they turned out, I am definitely not a professional but they are pretty perfect in my eyes! It sure helps when you have an adorable kid too!


He is yelling at his sister in these two pictures, STOP TITER!!!

 This was the target shirt I saw back in Oct. that sparked my interest

 ROAR!!!! I got his shirt made at BEST BIRTHDAY EVER on Etsy. They have done, his 1/2, Year and now this for me, LOVE them!

 Seriously love this kid!
Can't remember where I got his costume but the brand is Leg Avenue and here is a link I found to the exact costume Max. Harder to find than I thought, I ended up buying him a XS, the toddler sizes were impossible to find, it was just a little big, but smaller wouldn't have worked as well for him!
And the sign I bought at Hobby Lobby

Can't believe this guy will be 2 in just a few days! 
Be looking for actual party pics coming soon!

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