Friday, January 22, 2016

Boozers take Breck Day 3

Jan. 22nd
Today was our first day to get to ski with Charley so we were really excited to see what she had learned and she did not disappoint us.
We spent most of the day on easy greens, which is what I prefer, I really think I was just meant to be a green skier! It was so great to get to spend some quality time with the kids without Ryan and I yelling at each other taking our frustration of teaching the kids out on each other, wiping tears, yelling at them and dragging kids down the slopes like last year. That is until the last run. Ryan lead us supposedly to the only way home which required us to ski, what he said was a blue, for just a second, but seemed like a black and took an hour to get home. Skiing with tears, dragging kids, yelling, and me almost losing my Jesus. Remember too, this is with 2 beginner kids, 1 seriously really just learned to ski yesterday, 1 adult beginner who skied for the first time yesterday and me who now has skied 3 times but will always put myself in the beginner category. We survived though, thank you Jesus!

 Char and Mama selfie
 Char and Brady ready to ski
 We have stayed in a great ski in ski out condo the last two years and though its super easy to get to there is a little bit of a hill right as you get started. So we were about to see how good Charley could really ski.

 Group selfie on the lift-Brady, Ryan, Charley, Shannon, and Sammy
Trae stayed back with Brittany and the kids today to have some family time.
 Brady and Mama lift selfie
 Char and Ryan
 Shannon and my crew
 The crew on the far right, Ryan, Brady, Charley, Shannon and Sammy throwing is arms up
 A thumbs up from this girl
Thumbs up from BDog 
Charley skiing
 This one you can actually she all of us skiing
Brady and Charley skiing
Char Char again
Charley's first blue, which was Brady's first yesterday
Go Pro of Char and Brady
 Lunch break @ Ten Mile Station on Peak 8
 What a great lunch view

This was right before the crazy started, I wish you could see how high we were! We took the lift up as high as it went and the higher we got the more I was thinking Ryan might have gotten himself into trouble with Shannon and I.
 Shannon and Sammy
 Charley was not having any pictures, she was so tired and had no idea what was ahead of her!
 Char, Ryan, and Brady on the left
Char riding with Ryan, which is how they had to ride most of the blue slope

 Again, Charley not having any pictures
 I just can't get over the view, it's amazing to me that people can see this and not believe in God.

Charley and Ryan

Now while we were skiing Corby was playing...
 We are super blessed with some amazing sitters that have become like family to us, especially Mallie and Maegan (Maegan is in her last semester of college so missing school was not an option for her). Mallie joined us this summer in Mexico, first the beach and now in the snow. She has been spending the days with Corbs and Brittany and the kids while we ski. Today she got adventurous and took him out to town for some fun.

Mallie and Corbs
 Corbs laughing at Charley, Mallie trying to get him liking the snow, so far he hasn't been the biggest fan.
 They got to go to a history museum,
play in the snow,

He decided this was just the right about of snow to play in

and found a play area in the back of a toy store.
After dinner the boys played a little friendly game of Yahtzee.

 Charley and Cade

Another great day in the books! Tomorrow will be our last day on the slopes, can't wait to see what it holds.

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