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Corby's Where the Wild Things Are 2nd Bday Party

Corby's Where The Wild Things Are Party
I LOVE TO PLAN PARTIES!!!! I love it down to the very littlest of details, I just love everything about it, figuring out a theme, the months of preparations, making invitations, searching for the right decor, getting matching shirts for the fam, figuring out how to coordinate fun food with theme, etc. It might stress me out at times and yes I over do it, but it makes me happy, my kids happy and more so than me, and my kids, it makes others happy. Because what I love more than planning parties is hosting parties! God has built in me the desire to serve others, the gift of hospitality, so it brings me so much joy not only to get to use the creative talents He gave me but the physical one as well!  
Ryan reminded me this morning, "Hilary, you know, he's only 2?" My response, "he is only 2 once" and though he might not physically remember this day or this party he will see these pictures and see how much love is in them and that is enough for me to continue to do parties the way I like to do them. The funny thing is he loves seeing the pictures as much as they do, so deep down inside he loves this about me too, right, lol?!

Why we chose the Where the Wild Things Are, well simple b/c Corby is Wild! I've mentioned before he is by far our wildest one and although he keeps us on our toes, I love this about him. You can see the curiosity and the adventure in his eyes!  Obviously I love the book and love to read to the kids but when I saw some WTWTA themed clothes at Target several months back a spark went off and I knew not only would this make for a cute Halloween costume but I could turn it into a party too.

 The Invite...

The Scrapbook Pages from bday shoot... 


The Party Details...

...From Far awhile across the world he smelled good things to eat

I wanted something different to label the food and found these wood piles at Hobby Lobby that were perfect. I just bought chalkboard paint, painted the center and wallah. 

I typically use sponge brushes but this project called for real brushes
After being painted

 Final Product...
 Wild Twigs
I ended up using dry erase crayons instead of chalk, b/c I do not like chalk and it worked out great and comes off so I can reuse!
 Wild Thing Claws-Nacho Cheese Bugles
 Loved these palm leaf plates

 Where I got the idea for mini wood piles. I found this Rustic Wood Chalkboard on Etsy.

 The cake and cupcakes were made by a local bakery I've used for years
 I found this wood cake sand at the same place as the wood chalkboard, love it!
Max cookies, my very talented friend made these, they turned out super cute!
First picture was a little blurry, here's a better pic to show off these cute cookies

Party Favors
The kids loved helping assembly the party favors!

WHERE the WILD THINGS are inspired stickers ~ for Hershey's Kisses® Chocolate - Birthday - Baby Shower 
Where the Wild Things Are Themed Little Boy Birthday Party Loot Favor Bags - Oh Please Don't Go I'll Eat You Up I Love You SO 
Chocolate Rock Candy and I made the tags myself
I decided it would be fun for each family to go away with a book, so I made a label to go inside


Now For the Wild Rumps To Start...
 Corby's shirt Two Wild I got on Etsy from the shop Beach Town Baby, super, super cute stuff and then my friend Hillary made the rest of ours, I didn't even bother asking Ryan to wear one, lol

 As our Wild Things came in they were asked to sign a WTWTA book for Corby to keep and his scrapbook page.

The Party was at our church, they have these amazing area called the Jungle that church members can rent out. It was probably a little big for Corbs, he didn't steer too far from this little slide seen below but he still loved it. There is just so much room to run around and of course the big kids always enjoy it!
 Corby and Garrett sliding

 Cousins Braeleigh and Phoebe
 Ally, Brooklyn, and Lizzie

 Corbs enjoying a twig

 Besties loving on bday boy
 The Princess of Wild Things

 Colton and Hayden enjoying the Sailboat Jello

 The King enjoying some snacks
 Sweet Cousin Cori turns 4 tomorrow 

 Going back to play
 The big boys playing some football
 Charley and Booga

 Jade, Lizzie, and Charley

Cake Time... 

 I try every year to get a fam pic around the cake, this was as good as it got

 The Kind enjoying his cake
 The Princess
 Jake and Haley

 Lizzie and Ally
 Brooklyn Boo
Nixon and Jade 

And back to playing some more...

 What teenage cousins do at a toddler party, lol

Love these boys...
Corby, Garrett, Jake, Hayden, Jesse, and Nixon 

The original pictures below, I left poor Nixon out so I photoshoped him the best I could b/c I wanted one with all the boys, lol.

 Corbs and Garrett
Sweet Nixon
 The 3 Amigos
 Corbs opened one gift there and we opened the rest at home

Ms. Meggy and I
The Real Queens
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