Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hilary's Huge Finds, What's for Dinner & Favorite Engery Ball Snack

Without even looking for a find, I found another one, hehe! 
Let me back up a little and preface this by saying I swore I wold never buy anything from Lululemon several years ago when I first heard of the store, b/c like I have told you before I am a bargain girl and to me it seemed so silly to spend that much $ on a pair of workout pants. Let's back this up even more, until just a few years ago this girl also refused to ever even wear leggings or any kind of skin tight workout pants, I have always been a big baggie basketball shorts kinda of girl, until I discovered I some extra long tank tops I could wear to cover up my bottom and some of my inner thighs, don't judge we all have our insecurities. Once I came around to the idea of wearing these kind of pants I learned to enjoy them and it became my everyday look since becoming a stay at home mom. It wasn't until I went shopping with one of my bff's that I even stepped foot into a Lulelemon store and man was that a mistake. As she was trying on pants, I thought I might just browse and I found some seamless panties, which had been on my list of things I needed to buy to wear with these tight britches I had learned to like. So, I asked an employee how they fit, she told me that they fit just like their pants so whatever size I was in them would be the same for the panties, I swear I had to pick her jaw up off the ground when I told her that I hadn't ever tried on any pants. What I did next was even more of a mistake than walking in to the store in the first place, I tried on some pants and FELL IN LOVE! I can not express how these pants fit, it was like spanks in workout pants, it sucked me in so tight, my thighs didn't seem as big, and my bottom was unrecognizable, I almost pinched it to make sure it was mine, lol! So rewind, I know own several pants and maybe even some jackets too ;) but it is obviously a treat when I buy them. 
So now to my find!
Yesterday I went shopping at Marshalls b/c my mother in law got me a gift card from there for Christmas and I thought since I am now training for the 1/2 marathon it might be nice to have a few extra capri workout pants to run in, so I went browsing in the workout section and there they were, as soon as I felt them I did a double feel and grabbed them to look at the tag immediately b/c I just knew from touching them they were Lulu but to my surprise they were Under Armour and only $24.99. I ran to try them on and lo and behold they looked and felt just like my favorite Lulu pants, if the UA symbol wasn't staring me in the face, I would never had been able to tell! Of course I bought them, wore them yesterday, washed them and have them on again today and I might have gone back this afternoon to buy another pair. 

Here they are... 
They are called Women's UA Run Seamless and after doing some research online I've found they come in three colors, black, faded ink as seen in picture and legion, kinda a teal color but most are sold out in all sizes but XL and they are $51.99 and up compared to $24.99 at Marshall's. Now I know all Marshall's are different but I will say I went to two different stores and they both had them, so there is hope for you. I could only find black and faded ink however.

Here's me in mine, not the best angle, kinda scary, but you get the idea

 Btw I'm an Asics girl when it comes to running shoes

 I had to include these but he's just so cute

What's for Dinner...
Tonight we had Loaded Baked Potato Soup and man was is DElish!!! I added lots of extra milk, probably 2 more cups than it called for maybe even more b/c it was a little to thick for our liking, I might have also added additional butter, sour cream, and cheese, just to make sure there wasn't anything healthy about it, lol!

Energy balls
I know there are lots of variations of energy balls but here is one I just love, I stole it from a friend! It's not necessarily the healthiest out there but it does the trick for me!
1c granola (I used bear naked Vanilla almond)
1c quick oats (oatmeal)
1/2c pb
1/2 c honey
1/2c (or more) of chocolate chips

You can even throw in chia seeds or flax seeds, or substitute cooked quinoa for granola for more protein.
Just mix ingredients together, form into bowls and refrigerate!

Red faced from a run, my first run since signing up for my marathon.

Just Because... 
 Corby and I after my workout with our favorite green drink!
 Because I felt like I needed a selfie with the big kids!

 All three kiddos are obsessed with cuties and today this guy learned how to peel it himself

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