Saturday, January 2, 2016

Oct. 31st, Day 304-Happy Halloween

Day 304:
What a fun night! I love Halloween and typically think months in advance of coordinating costumes for the kids, but this year I decided to let the big kids decide and to my surprise they coordinating anyway which made this mama very happy! Like tons of other kiddos this year, Charley wanted to Mal and Brady, Carols from Disney Descendants. Corby on the other hand, went a different route. After walking into Target probably at the beginning of the month I saw that they had Where The Wild Things Are themed clothes and it sparked a great bday theme idea, so I decided to have him be Max for Halloween. 
Our good friends came over for the 2nd year in a row to eat pizza and go trick or treating with us! So, we had Mal, Carlos, Max, Charlie Brown and a Clown. 

First, before all the Trick or Treating began we got to celebrate sweet Haley turning 1!

 Charley and Ally

 Mal aka Charley Girl

 My little Max

 Carlos aka Brady

 Mal and Carlos
 Corby couldn't keep his hands out of the candy

 Max and Charlie Brown
 Love this cheese face
 We couldn't get these two to smile at the same time

 More Candy

 The Boozers
 Corbs wouldn't let me put him down for a picture

 Landry and Charley
Kara and I
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